Grand Canyon Hikers

Welcome, oh walkers of every land,
Our group's devoted to El Canon Grand.
Hiking/backpacking is our featured topic,
plus ANYTHING GC - we're not myopic!

With veterans steeped in deep Canyon knowledge,
Our decade old archive's a virtual college!
We love Adventure, Geology, Hist'ry,
anything touching this wonderous myst'ry.

Tenderfoot hikers, it's fine to be green.
Study the links elsewhere on this screen.
Come back with questions vexing to you,
We will be here with an answer or two -
(or three or four or way beyond five,
these threads have a way of coming alive!)

Maybe you only want Park information?
Careful! You may leave in deep inspiration!
For here what begins as a thought from the curious,
Grows into love, life-changingely furious!

Contentious postings that come to reflect,
Character flaws and pers'nal defects,
May lead to censure, so try to be strong,
As Rodney King said, "Can't we all get along?"

Advice given here is not guaranteed.
Before you go a hikin' and wind up birdfeed,
Based on the words of one you've not met,
Confirm EVERYTHING you read on the Net!

And WELCOME to Grand Canyon Hikers.

by Tom Bourne (esteemed past group owner)

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